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Johnathan D. Van Winkle

Systems Engineering/Data Analytics

Chief Operating Officer

As an Engineer and accomplished data analyst with over 15 years of industry expertise, Johnathan employs a comprehensive and data-driven methodology to assess, interpret, and scrutinize data. He is deeply committed to fostering the success of his clients and is driven by an unwavering passion for his work. Notably outgoing, he excels as an attentive listener and is a poised communicator, adept at delivering information with clarity and precision.


In his spare time, John revels in exploring diverse cultures through travel, immersing himself in their wonders. He finds joy in delving into technical manuals, unraveling the inner workings of things, and savors quality time with his remarkable son, Logan. He also relishes embarking on road trips and traveling with his cherished wife.

John states, “As a father of a young man with autism, I understand the need for mental health access, services, and support. The holistic approach to mental health and overall wellness developed by the founder, Jasmine Elia, is the approach that I believe all mental health and medical professionals should use. I am very proud to be part of Elia Wellness Services.”


Consulting Services & Specialties

  • Using Data Driven Decision Making (DDDM)* Principles to:

    • Determine Business Questions or Issues

    • Reduce Operating Costs

    • Drive Innovation & Adaptive Solutions

    • Improve Efficiencies and Optimize Profitability

    • Strategize and Identify Goals

    • Target Data

    • Collect and Analyze Data

    • Make Decisions Regarding Findings

    • Turn Analytical Insights into Actionable Ideas and Projects.

  • ​Risk Assessment, Management, and Mitigation

  • KPI Development (Key Performance Indicators)

  • Data & Data Collection System Evaluation

*Data-driven decision-making (DDDM) is commonly defined as making decisions based on hard data as opposed to intuition, observation, or guesswork.


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