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At Elia Wellness Services we offer preceptorship for psychiatric nurse practitioner students. Our board-certified Mental Health Nurse Practitioner preceptors make a difference in the lives of student nurse practitioners by acting as a mentor and training the future nurse practitioner professionals.

Our preceptors utilize an assortment of theories, such as adult learning theory, transformational learning theory and mentoring theory, as the theoretical framework to assist with the student’s learning process. We provide a well-developed preceptorship curriculum, along with preceptors who have the ability to multitask beyond their normal daily patient care interaction.

Elia Wellness Services offers a high-quality preceptorship program designed to support our student learners. We achieve this through the implementation of effective learning models, including creating a conducive learning environment, fostering collaborative planning, jointly setting learning objectives, devising learning plans involving contractual agreements, delivering the learning experience using relevant resources like evidence-based practice guidelines, and assessing both the learning outcomes and the learning requirements of the student nurse practitioner.

What to expect

At Elia Wellness Services, our preceptors implement the five stages of preceptorship:

The Pre-Shift Phase. 

The initial phase of each shift holds significant importance in the preceptorship process for the student. During this time, the preceptor and student establish shift objectives, which involve briefing and preparation before engaging with a patient. It also involves assessing the student's performance and identifying areas for improvement. Shift objectives encompass delegation, scene management, assessment, history taking, clinical judgment, differential diagnosis, reporting, and documentation.

Doctor's Appointment

The Patient Care Phase. 

This phase allows the student to practice assessments, skills, and clinical judgment under the supervision of an experienced nurse practitioner.

The Debriefing Assessment Phase. 

During this phase, the preceptor asks questions to evaluate the student and offers constructive feedback in a timely manner. This allows the student nurse practitioner to review the patient’s appointment, ask questions, and seek clarification. The preceptor offers guidance regarding errors or omissions and creates teachable moments.


Not all patient encounters offer the opportunity to impart general principles. Therefore, if the situation arises, the preceptor would address differential diagnosis, signs and symptoms, treatment options, and accessible resources.

The Post-Shift Phase. 

The comprehensive evaluation summary considers the student's performance over a specific period, typically 5 to 8 hours. The preceptor delivers the shift evaluation summary, appraising the student's performance.


The Student Advising Phase. 

The preceptor conducts weekly or monthly meetings with each student to assess their progress, which involves reviewing their documentation and terminal proficiencies related to performance. Additionally, the preceptor may schedule monthly meetings throughout the preceptorship to validate individual student performance and evaluate the overall effectiveness of the preceptorship program.

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Internship Opportunities

Elia Wellness Services also offers internship opportunities to the right candidates.  The aim of the internship is to precept, train and integrate newly board-certified psychiatric nurse practitioner professionals, helping them translate their knowledge into everyday practice, grow in confidence and understand how to apply the Code in their day-to-day work.


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