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At Elia Wellness Services, our compassionate and exceptional mental health nurse practitioners provide comprehensive psychiatric evaluation, diagnosis, medication management, treatment planning, psychoeducation, psychotherapy, and treatment for a wide range of psychiatric issues.

On the Road

At Elia Wellness Services your psychiatric provider will also work with other medical professionals, such as your Primary Care Physician, and/or therapist, to ensure continuity of care.

What to expect during an appointment?

Psychiatric diagnostic evaluations, generally known as “psych evals,” are used to determine a patient’s mental state and influence recommendations for the best treatment plan. 

During your first appointment, your psychiatric provider will usually conduct an evaluation, verbal and written, which includes reviewing your medical history and previous medications you have taken. This allows your psychiatric provider to better understand your mental health and psychiatric care needs. The information gathered often include a thorough illustration of your medical and family history, compilation of your social and biological data to help us understand your mental health in context.

Your psychiatric provider will also complete a complete psychiatric assessment, observing your mental status and noting your psychological history, as well. We may use questionnaires or interview techniques to gather information about your mental health condition. There are no wrong answers — we’re just trying to get a better sense of your state of mind, psychological symptoms, and probable treatment needs.

Then your psychiatric provider will make a diagnosis to help create your treatment plan and prescribing the correct medication. Your psychiatric provider may or may not prescribe on the first visit, and this varies with all individual assessments. 

Putting together your mental health treatment plan

During and after your psych eval appointment, your provider at Elia Wellness Services develops an individualized treatment plan. Your mental health treatment needs to be tailored to your unique circumstances and diagnosis. Your evaluation lets us learn how best to help you, as you move forward with your custom treatment plan, supported by our mental health experts.

When you know the nature of your mental health troubles and can understand each of the steps in your treatment plan, you can feel confident in your psychiatric care. At Elia Wellness Services, we take time to go over your treatment plan with you in detail, so that you can grasp the overall benefits and risks of each option. We also help you stay aware of, and address, any potential side effects.

Psychologist's Office
Speech Therapist

Take charge of your mental health care starting now. Begin with a psychiatric diagnostic evaluation and customized treatment plan with Elia Wellness Services. You can schedule your appointment with a member of our expert care team with our simple online scheduling tool or give us a call.


Some of our psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners may combine medication management and talk therapy into their follow-up appointments, or schedule psychotherapy appointment separately from a follow-up appointment.

Follow-up appointments is often focused on discussing the effectiveness of your medication, assessment for medication tolerance and adherence, medication management and monitoring, assessment for willingness and ability of patient to follow treatment plan, patients’ response to treatment plan over a requisite time interval, assessment for contraindication with other treatment plans and/ or medications prescribed by other providers such as PCP, etc., and ongoing treatment plan support.


Please be mindful that it may take up to two to four weeks (sometimes up to six weeks) for your body to get used to the medication(s) prescribed and for you to feel the full therapeutic effects of the medications. All medications have side effects, please be patient during your treatment plan and allow your medications to work. 

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How often will I meet my provider?

Usually, follow-up appointments will be more frequent when you start a new medication. This allows your provider to monitor the effects of the medication. Once you are more established on that medication, follow-up visits will become less frequent. Based on your treatment plan, and medical necessity, your provider will determine how often you should meet, but you can always request a follow up appointment if you need to connect with your provider at any time.

ADHD Evaluation and Treatment

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be challenging to live with and can cause difficulties in getting the right support. As noted in the consensus statement, there are higher mortality rates (accidents, suicides) for people with untreated ADHD, as well as a higher likelihood of substance abuse, unwanted pregnancies, and incarceration. Just under 1% of the population has schizophrenia [1], while the rate of bipolar disorder is around 2.8%. [2]. ADHD is far more prevalent (5-9% in children), and often comorbid with other psychiatric conditions. The socioeconomic impact of treating ADHD could be profound, but improving the standardization of care can get us there, and Elia Wellness Services has utilized the technology to get our ADHD clients to receive quality care and treatment.




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At Elia Wellness Services, we specialize in ADHD evaluation and treatment. The intake procedure for ADHD typically necessitates two to three appointments with our providers to gather all the essential data. It's not uncommon for other conditions to be eliminated before a diagnosis can be made, and these often require supplementary information from relatives and/or educators. Throughout this procedure, your provider will team up with you to establish objectives for treatment.


We use the most updated testing technology, QbTest, to evaluate ADHD more effectively. QbTech produces results such as reduction of time to diagnosis ADHD by 153 days (average) and an increase in staff capacity by reducing the number of appointments needed to reach a diagnostic decision. Our mental health providers use QbTech alongside other clinical measure of ADHD such as clinical assessment and ADHD rating scales to interpret symptoms; it improves the assessment process and quality of care, provides more accurate ADHD evaluation/results, and provides adept monitoring to enhance treatment for ADHD and timely support for our clients. QbTech gives our mental health providers the objective data to diagnose, rule in, or rule out ADHD, optimize treatment objectively, and enhance communication with our clients. 

Therefore, early and accurate diagnosis of ADHD is imperative, as it allows for tailored treatment plans. By diagnosing and addressing these conditions in a timely manner, children and adults with ADHD have a better chance of reaching their full potential. Treatment for ADHD is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Treatment can be put into two categories, pharmacological treatments for ADHD and non-pharmacological treatments which include behavioral therapy, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).


Overall, at Elia Wellness Services, we believe that identifying ADHD and other possible conditions early, children and adults can receive the tailored treatment they require to achieve their full potential.




At Elia Wellness Services, we offer detailed, evidence-based ADHD evaluations with minimal wait times and comprehensive treatment plans. Our ADHD assessments include verbal, written, and computer-based tests like the QbTech. The QbTech is an FDA-cleared test that measures the core symptoms of ADHD: hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention/distractibility.


The test results are analyzed and presented in a report that compares a patient’s results with a group of people of the same age and gender who do not have ADHD.

The QbTech is the most advanced ADHD management system, designed for more accurate diagnosis and treatment follow-up.

Following the evaluation, we provide a comprehensive treatment plan that may include brief therapy sessions for individuals needing additional support with ADHD symptoms and related behavioral challenges.

At Elia Wellness Services, we are dedicated to making mental health care affordable and accessible to all. Our ADHD administration fees are competitively priced to ensure that high-quality care is within reach for everyone.

Adult Autism Assessment 

Assessment for Autism

Individuals in their adulthood diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) often face more complex physical and mental health challenges compared to their neurotypical counterparts, thus underscoring the importance of outstanding psychiatric care.


Elia Wellness Services specializes in providing comprehensive assessment for adults aged 18 years and above who are suspected of being on the Autism Spectrum.


Our team at Elia Wellness Services consists of highly experienced and qualified professionals who specialize in autism evaluation and diagnosis. We utilize evidence-based evaluation tools and techniques to ensure accurate and thorough assessments. Our goal is to provide individuals with a better understanding of their strengths, challenges, and support needs, enabling them to access appropriate interventions and resources.


These evaluations extend beyond mere psychological diagnoses. They provide detailed recommendations for therapeutic strategies, potential interventions, and personalized treatment plans. Additionally, they assess other behavioral factors that may impede day-to-day functioning and scrutinize present situations that could have a bearing on the individual's overall state of well-being.

What is the Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorder?

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a

neurodevelopmental condition that can manifest

various challenges in key life areas, such as in

social interactions, behavioral norms, and

communication abilities. Such challenges

can affect work dynamics, relationships with

colleagues and bosses, and even personal

relationships with friends or significant others.

People diagnosed with Autism often perceive

and interact with the world differently, which should

not be seen as a negative trait, but rather as a unique approach to navigating life's stressors. While societal expectations often pressure individuals to conform to a certain norm, those with Autism tend to follow their own rhythm and path, even if it diverges from mainstream practices. This is not borne out of obstinacy, but rather a deep-rooted instinct to remain authentic to their personal needs. 

How Will a Diagnosis Impact My Life?


Many individuals diagnosed with Autism receive their diagnosis in childhood, which typically provides the framework for supportive structures throughout their lives. However, those who are diagnosed in their adult years often experience an array of emotions upon learning their status, with validation being a common feeling. This diagnosis may prompt several questions like why do I react in certain ways? Why do I prefer specific work methods? Why didn't I recognize these symptoms earlier? 


Where do I proceed from here? All these questions are valid and merit answers, but the exploration and understanding of a diagnosis is a personal journey that each individual must embark on. 

Why Should I Consider Testing?

Undergoing an Autism Evaluation in adulthood should not incite fear or anxiety. Various techniques are employed during the assessment process.

Our thorough evaluation process includes:

  • An initial consultation appointment with a psychiatric provider.

  • A detailed 150- to 180-minute in-person comprehensive evaluation incorporating standardized diagnostic tools, clinical interviews, and observational assessments.

  • A 30- to 60-minute follow-up session to provide a detailed interpretation of the results, confirm the diagnosis, and outline a personalized treatment approach.


Following the evaluation, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to the individual's needs, which may include brief therapy sessions to address autism symptoms and related behavioral challenges. It is essential to remember that an Autism diagnosis should not be feared. Instead, it provides clarity and answers to lifelong experiences.

Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery Today

At Elia Wellness Services, we are committed to making mental health care accessible and affordable. Our autism evaluation fees are competitive and designed to ensure that high-quality care is available to everyone.

If you are an adult seeking answers to lifelong questions, we invite you to learn more about Autism Evaluation. A diagnosis may be the key to the next step in your journey to understand and embrace your true self.

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